Purple Clay Ware

The Great Dragon Seal Pot

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On May 12,2000, Huang Donghua, the founder of purple clay pots in Hongyun Zhai, presented the great dragon seal to Zhu Chengru, president of the Forbidden City, in Beijing. The Palace Museum is China's National Museum for the collection of national treasures. Generally, it does not accept contemporary arts and crafts, but only collects the highest-grade cultural relics in the country. However, because of the special nature of the Great Dragon Seal, it is made with reference to the Imperial Palace court's Qing imperial seal, so it is also a cultural relic, but it must be the highest-level pot-maker in Yixing today, and the best at it, with a certificate attached. The Forbidden City Collection of Contemporary Purple Clay Pots, only such a collection, others will not do again collection. This pot was created by Hong Yun Zhai, created by Chinese applied arts master Lu Yaochen and engraved by the stone master Qu Kai.