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Appreciate as It Were

There was countless craftsmanship in ancient times of China; however, among them only existed a few that embody vitality and can be passed on over generations. Hong Works has refined Chinese beauty among the top imperial craftsmanship and brought it to modern times so that the collectors could pass through time and space, and appreciate, as it were, the top Chinese artistic beauty that only Emperor Qianlong and Song Huizong could enjoy.

Explain with Lucid Expression

Art collection is a profound study, and it requires constant accumulation. Hong Works often invites domestic masters in art to its art salon held especially for the members. No matter you are a novice or an expert in the field of collection, you will gain a lot from the salon.

as Comprehensive as Possible

For each member of our Hong Club, we offer special services such as information about collection of each category, maintenance, gift customization and etc., because every customer to us is unique.

Collection to be Passed on over Generations

Focusing on creating Chinese beauty that can pass through time, to be passed on over generations has always been Hong Works’ brand gene. Besides its exquisite craftsmanship and profound civilization, Hong Works has designed a unique collection certificate for each of its art work, which allows a special space for its collector to stamp his exclusive collection seal. In addition, it offers authentication and anti-counterfeiting on Wechat by uploading the e-certificate. In this way, the culture of collection seal, a unique Chinese ancient art of relaxation, is able to be revived under the modern human civilization.